• Client:
    Mansfield District Council
  • Project:
    Nottinghamshire Best Bar None Awards Evening
  • Requirements:
    To create a number of items for event including certificates, plaques, stickers, banners, tent cards and posters
Event branding that is Best Bar None!

We were thrilled to be approached by a representative of Mansfield District Council to design the event branding for the Nottinghamshire Best Bar None Awards.

We had a free rein when it came to the design, but as it needed the Best Bar None logo to feature prominently, we created a sub-brand for the Notts region that followed the circular style and embedded the BBN logo within it, using highlight colours from the green side of the spectrum it added a link back to Nottinghamshire.

The new sub-brand could then be featured on all promotional items prior to the event such as ads, voting tent cards, voting posters and tickets. This followed through to the branding for the evening itself where we designed the accreditation certificates, plaques, order of events, table planner and stage banner.

The scheme assesses all of the additional work that the staff at venues do to ensure their customers are as safe as possible. It was launched across the entire county area, (excluding the city). It is funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Nottinghamshire, and Nottinghamshire County Council.

Examples of the criteria considered include how they train staff to deal with disorder, the measures they take to prevent theft or the steps they take to discourage drink driving.

The 2015 scheme was hailed a great success, with over 70 venues from all boroughs within Nottinghamshire county applying for accreditation.

The scheme recognised a winner in each borough, and of these, an overall scheme winner was chosen.

For more information on the scheme, see the main Best Bar None website.

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