• Client:
    CBCM Design
  • Project:
    To reposition 'Chris Brown Cabinet Maker' as CBCM Design
  • Requirements:
    Branding and logo design including items such as stationery, email signature and social media graphics
Retro styling for a Nottingham furniture designer.

CBCM Design is the marque of furniture created by Chris Brown, a designer and builder of beautiful, unique and striking furniture, based in Nottingham… but he felt his existing branding didn’t capture the essence of what he was creating. Chris wanted his new branding and logo design to reflect him as a person, his interests and his design style. The CBCM furniture has a real modern but retro feel to it and is very bespoke, so we felt his logo also needed to reflect this.

The brief was relatively loose, Chris just said “I want a funky logo which I can apply to business cards, a website and a stamp for the furniture… simple lines, chunky and retro inspired (ie 60s and 70s)” His only other point of reference for us was that he loved the original Star Wars logo (below)…


Star Wars logo


So, we set about creating some logo design options that used the Star Wars logo as a starting point and a colour pallete that felt like retro 60s and 70s design. Below are some of the disregarded designs…


Disregarded designs for the CBCM logo design


As you can see from the above designs, we were answering the brief, but something wasn’t quite right, we’d hit the ‘retro’ request, but felt it still needed to somehow be contemporary as well. It wasn’t back to the drawing board though, we simply worked over the existing designs until we arrived at the final design that we were happy with presenting to the client. Thankfully, he also loved the one we settled on and as big Star Wars fans, we were happy to have created some branding and logo design with the flavour of a galaxy far, far away!


CBCM Final logo design


To view some of CBCM’s fantastic designs, click here.


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