• Client:
    Blue Reef UK Ltd.
  • Project:
    Longboard Design
  • Requirements:
    To create graphics for Blue Reef's new range of longboards based on their existing branding.
Longboard design for California sunshine.

Historically Blue Reef have designed and built custom handmade interiors for Volkswagen camper vans. Given that their existing branding drips of Americana and that their owner is a very talented carpenter and joiner, it makes sense that they would decide to create a range of bespoke built longboards using the finest woods.

Our task… to use the graphic design we created a couple of years ago to brand the boards. Yet again, this was music to our ears, designing anything that is sport related doesn’t feel like work to us, it’s more a labour of love, so we were like pigs in muck!

We designed 8 different boards, focusing mainly on the undersides, we also gave consideration to how the grip would look on the top by adding bits of the branding there too.


“Wow… They are all perfect, they really capture the look and feel I’m after… retro, vintage Americana dripped in Californian sunshine! Well done BLU:72 :-)”

John Wingate, Director – Blue Reef UK Ltd.


It’s ironic that in the 1980’s our creative director Mark used to be into BMX and skateboarding and used to paint designs on the underside of his boards to make them individual, way before he even realised what he was doing was classed as graphic design and that would become his career. Now he’s come full circle with this longboard design project.

For a brief history of longboarding, check out this wikipedia page.

If you love a bit of retro boarding, check this video out:



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