• Client:
    Croydon College
  • Project:
    Further Education Full-Time Prospectus
  • Requirements:
    To design and artwork a 128 page prospectus
College prospectus design with an ‘urban’ splash.

We have designed a ‘lot’ of marketing materials for Croydon College over the years, literally hundreds of different items and this was one of our favourite projects. For this college prospectus design they wanted to go for an urban feel that was youthful enough to appeal to the students, but still clear and concise so that it would appeal to their parents. After all, it would likely be the parents that would assist their sons and daughters in making the step from school into further education.

Croydon itself is a very urban environment, so the idea was perfect. We went for a distressed style headline font called ‘Capture It’ and accompanied it with lively and colourful graphics such as chevrons and paint splats which gave it the youthful vibe. When it came to the actual course information this was more business-like to make it as legible as possible. Each section had a full page divider and all right hand pages had a tab, so for the reader, it was easy to navigate through and find the curriculum area or specific course they were looking for.


We worked with BLU:72 on all of the college’s marketing output during my time in Croydon. They really were a part of the marketing department where we developed a kind of short-hand. When given any brief, they instantly knew what we wanted to achieve, and they produced countless items for us including college prospectus design, branding for awards ceremonies, design for open events and advertising campaigns.

Dr. Mike Pollard – Former Marketing Manager at Croydon College


As with every prospectus we designed for Croydon College, the adverts and other promotional literature for the following academic year were designed using the same style to achieve a consistent theme and aid brand recognition.

If you are part of a marketing department that requires college prospectus design and wish to see more examples of this type of work, please feel free to get in touch.

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