• Client:
    Poplars Cricket Club
  • Project:
    Design and branding for Nottinghamshire based Poplars Cricket Club
  • Requirements:
    Logo design, kit design, desktop images and fixture posters
Cricket club logo design that is a ‘Hit for six’.

When it comes to branding for Cricket, it’s all about the newer, more vibrant 20-20, IPL and Australian Big Bash style of graphics. Ironically if you take a closer look at these new team logos, they owe their design heritage to American Sports, as opposed to county cricket or even football. The designs are louder and more brash than the traditional approach to county cricket and conform less to what would be expected on European football team badges.

This is exactly the approach our client wanted, so much so that he sent us their old logo accompanied by the current WNCL (Women’s National Cricket League) logo to act as inspiration (see below).

As usual we went through our tried and trusted ‘creative process’ which involves research into what is appropriate for this area, scribbling some ideas down on a pad, then working the best ones up on a Mac and presenting the final designs. We clearly answered the brief, because when they saw what became the winning design, they were instantly sold.

The only restriction was to include the club’s colours of cream (for the kit) and maroon (for the badge) and we’d like to think we introduced these perfectly.


Old Poplars logo


Perfect… just the look we were aiming for, forward thinking, modern and appropriate, but still traditional enough so as not to age too quickly.

David Thompson, Owner


Once the logo was agreed, we went on to design the shirts, some desktop background images and fixture posters. We also made sure the logo worked equally well in single colour and also created a secondary ‘logotype’ that could be used almost as a signature on products and when less space was available. Once again, at the end of the project we had another very happy client!

We’d love to do more cricket club logo design and branding, so if you run a club or are responsible for marketing one, get in touch. To view more of our Design for Sport portfolio, click here.

To see where we got some inspiration for this project, visit the Cricket20 website.


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