• Client:
    Contemporary Trade Flooring
  • Project:
    CTF Branding
  • Requirements:
    Logo design, branding, brochure design, advertising, point of sale display units and other marketing literature
Branding with style… for the Flooring Gurus.

When Mark Canning, the Managing Director of Contemporary Trade Flooring (CTF) found us on Google, we had no examples of previous ‘flooring branding’ work in our portfolio. For some potential clients they feel more comfortable if you have worked within their industry. Thankfully for us, Mark could see the quality of our work within other business sectors and knew we were the right team for the job.

As Wikipedia states “graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography and illustration”… in layman’s terms, it’s the arrangement of type and imagery into a pleasing, eye-catching layout that gets it’s message across to the target audience. So whether we’re designing point of sale display units for a shop, a 100 page prospectus for a college, or a business card for a local plumber, the fundamentals are the same. Basically speaking we can design for any business sector regardless of previous experience within that industry.

Because of this, the project went perfectly, they loved the initial ideas and we ended up with a brand image that was consistent across all the items we produced for them, including a new logo, advertising, point of sale display units, marketing literature, apron covers, leaflets and a brochure. We were also on hand to assist a signage company local to them in Kent, so that the exterior signage on their warehouse and the vehicle graphics were all on brand.

As the quote below shows, the client was extremely happy:


Someone call the Fire Brigade… BLU:72 are on fire! Marky-boy, you’ve got to stop or you’re going to end up going “bang”. These designs are awesome, exactly the right look and feel for what we’re trying to achieve.

A very enthusiastic Mark Canning, Managing Director


As luck would have it, the success of this project lead to another ‘flooring branding’ project for Flooring Megastore, which can be viewed here. So, if you are a flooring company or fitter and would like the kind of design work on show here to showcase your services or products, get in touch today!


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