• Client:
    The Triton Project
  • Project:
    Logo design and literature
  • Requirements:
    Logo, banners, newsletters and overview document to entice sponsors
Powered by people, Made possible by engineers.

The Triton Project is an endeavour by a group of engineers from Rolls Royce attempting to break the World Record for the furthest distance travelled by a pedal powered boat in 24 hours… So how do you go about branding for a world record attempt?

First things first, what does Triton mean?

We found out that in classic mythology he was “A son of Poseidon and Amphitrite, represented as having the head and trunk of a man and the tail of a fish, and as using a conch-shell trumpet. The messenger of the sea.”

So that gave us a starting point during our research. We came up with various ideas showing the statue of Triton as a stylised graphic but the client was drawn to the options that featured the famous trident that he carries. The main problem was that there are a ‘lot’ of trident based logos in existence, most prominently the Maserati logo. So besides trying to make the graphic as unique as possible, we knew it would come down to the typography to make it stand out.




The logo we ended up with answered their brief perfectly, recognisable, but unique enough to stand out with a modern dynamism.

The next stage was for the team to build and test various prototype crafts, then go back to refine each element from the propeller and hull to the transmission. Helped by the PowerPoint presentation we put together for them, they sought sponsorship and managed to team up with local engineering companies to fund the research.

Companies that were happy to get involved included Promach 3d, Eggleston Steel, and Bromham’s Bodyworks among others.

From here it was on to testing with countless weekends spent at Carsington Water and Holme Pierrepont.


Triton craft being tested


With the World Record attempt date of late summer 2017 getting closer, we wish them well and hope they smash it… the record, not the craft 🙂

Check out the latest news on the Triton Facebook page.


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