• Client:
    Kingston University
  • Project:
    World of Possibilities Branding
  • Requirements:
    To design a logo and initial branding including an Offer Guide, Pull-up Banners and a Guide to University
  • Website:
A World of Possibilities.

Kingston University London asked us to create a logo, a University Offer Guide and initial branding, that once completed, could be used by the universities in-house marketing and design team to produce the rest of their communications. The theme of ‘A World of Possibilities’ was decided upon and a logo was required that fitted with the main university branding and reflected the inclusive nature of the University, while also suggesting ‘the world is your oyster’ after being educated at Kingston.

We used the corporate cyan and matched it with other fresh colours to give a bright and lively feel, using circles to express the ‘all inclusive’ aspect, as well as being the obvious shape to represent the ‘world’. The distinctive style was then followed through to other items such as pull-up banners, PowerPoint presentations and a 16pp Offer Guide. The in-house team then subsequently went on to produce the prospectus using our branding.


While working with the team at Blu:72 Creative, I was delighted with the way in which concepts were built upon, and given real added value. Turnaround times were quick, and the level of service and interaction was exceptional. For a relatively small budget, we now have a very strong, creative concept that is the mainstay of our marketing materials.

Kate Nossiter – Kingston University London


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