• Client:
    The Travel Snob
  • Project:
    Logo design and branding
  • Requirements:
    Logo, banner, brochure and Facebook graphics
Holidays – But better!

We hadn’t worked on any travel agent branding before, so when David Walker asked us to look at the design work for his new venture, we were eager to help.

We have produced design work for lots of sectors since setting up in 2001 including Business Services, Education, Finance, Health, Hospitality & Catering, Manufacturing, Property, Science, Security, Sport and Tourism… but not Travel.

David wanted a luxurious feel to his new logo and any future branded items, so as usual we designed a number of options, some that were bang on brief, some that went for more of the traditional travel angle and a few curveballs thrown in for good measure.

He chose one that had a contemporary heraldic feel to it with a serif font to make it feel ‘high end’. Both parties felt that the final logo mirrored The Travel Snob mantra:


A simply better travel experience, or as we like to say ‘Holidays – But Better’

The Travel Snob is about decreeing travel, the very best experiences, where nothing is left to chance and every holiday is made to measure. This is not simply hype, with The Travel Snob you are accessing the experiences of some of the best travelled experts in the industry.


What The Travel Snob offers is unique travel, bespoke to the individual, not packaged by a high street agent and as the name suggests, David himself only stays at the very best locations. From the finest boutique hotels to the most luxurious of 5-star, David can match the perfect experience for your taste. We believe we matched the perfect branding to his business!


On a number of occasions when handing out my business cards, I have heard the words “Oh I have seen your logo before” which means it has become very memorable.  It gives my Agency the branding that goes with Bespoke Holidays and on the website it looks amazing!
I would highly recommend BLU:72’s work to anyone.

David Walker – AKA The Travel Snob


As stated above, David was so pleased with the service we gave him that he’s since passed us onto other franchisees requiring Travel Agent branding work such as the Travel Director (see below).


Logo design for The Travel Director by BLU:72 Creative


Want to find out more? Check out the Travel Snob website.


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