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Welcome to our blog. Here is where you’ll find out all the interesting stuff about BLU:72 Creative and the design industry as a whole, as well as anything else we find interesting from the world of sport, movies, games, music and technology.

Movie Poster Design by Joseph Harrold

As you can probably tell from previous posts… we love a bit of Movie Poster Design. Official posters are great, but often the most creative posters are the ones designed by artists and designers with more of a free reign.

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When logo design goes horribly wrong

When we’re out networking or promoting our services, we often talk about how a good logo creates the right first impression, because you wouldn’t want to put off a potential customer at the first hurdle. We believe this should also be the case even if the logo is for personal use.

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Logos explained

Have you ever heard the somewhat Northern phrase “you can’t polish a turd”? This is sometimes an appropriate analogy when applied to branding. From a design point of view, good branding starts with the logo and follows through any marketing literature or promotional activity a company wishes to use to communicate what’s special about them, their products and their services to their target audience.

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The Designers Republic – a work placement in the ’90s

A long time ago in design studio far, far away… well, 1994 in Sheffield to be exact, a young designer was on his final year studying Design Communication and needed to find a 2 week work placement.

Find out more about our Creative Directors time at Designers Republic ‘back in’t day’

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